elite professional bodyguard service

My name is Martin Hrádek, previously I served as an elite soldier 4 BRn-brigade of rapid deployment of ACR, participation in international KFOR missions. After leaving the army, I decided to set up a small private security service specializing in  services as bodyguard, detective services and armed escorts. The purposeof my business is, the Czech Republic to set up a functional security service on a professional level ensuring the bodyguard of persons. Ensuring protection for those who need it, protecting entrepreneurs, protecting political subjects. The protection that will be in your hands where you really need it to fulfill your task. Detective service to obtain appropriate evidence for you or court proceedings.


Helping and protecting is a slogan I adhere to and I do not just drive them to the door. Bodyguard HM operates throughout the Czech Republic, after agreement also outside the Czech Republic.

Bodyguard services:

  • bodyguard - I offer bodyguard of persons, bodyguards abroad or foreign clients, personal security during negotiation or representation, security at court hearings, security at cultural events, security where you need it or for whom you need it, security during the eviction, counterparty
  • security in the company - security at parties, balls, concerts, funerals, weddings, events of various character. VIP security of rented lounges at your event, VIP security. Protect where you feel threatened
  • armed security - when collecting more cash in the bank or depositing into the bank, security during the transfer or transfer of cash, security in case of litigation and division of property, bodyguard in the context of escorting the court proceedings, security against abduction of a person suspected of the least extortion
  • child protection - Physical protection of the child at school or school, the child being bullied at school or in sopranos. Assistance in transferring a child in a dispute between parents, service by client
  • security in handling crisis situations - eviction from the apartment, security in the event of threats, personality security, security when closing the shop, etc.
  • Professional Personal Driver - Professional personal driver of all vehicle brands. Transport and transport of persons, including children. I prefer your vehicle